Our Mission Statement

Wesley Berry Flowers is an All-Star team of Professionals.
We deliver smiles around the corner and around the world.
We’re Fast! We’re Ready! We’re the Best!
We want to Bee your florist!Wesley Berry Flowers is an All-Star team of professionals.
Concept adapted from “Good to Great” by Jim Collins

Like a professional sports team, we will employ only the best individuals. Always remembering that regardless of talent, every team member needs to be coachable. Results and work habits decide if you have a place on our team. Productivity is something that All-Star players provide without being asked. All great companies are made up of self disciplined individuals who require very little supervision because they have the self discipline to be great team players. For example: No one needs a supervisor to tell them that constant texting is inappropriate. In Jim Collins words, “Self discipline is not a business idea; it is a greatness idea.”

We deliver smiles around the corner and around the world.
Concept adapted from “The World is Flat” by Thomas Friedman and the concept of mirroring a smile.

When we interact with a customer we will always smile and by smiling our customers will smile back at us. When our top quality products are delivered they will elicit a smile. That smile is what our customers are buying from us. We are delivering emotion. What words cannot express flowers help to convey.

The world has become flat or smaller because of the internet. As Thomas Freidman says, “I love the concept of a company with only two offices – everywhere, and right next to you – because it captured perfectly the way the flatting of the world allows companies to be more global … and yet more personal than ever.” This is one of our keys to Greatness.

We’re Fast! We’re Ready! We’re the Best!
Our customers need us to be fast and on time. Our business is ready 24/7 to meet the needs of our customers. We are focused on our customer.

It is not enough to be good; you have to be great to be the Best. We have the discipline to be great!

We want to Bee your florist!
Our customers need to know that their business is wanted and appreciated by every member of our team. They must see in our smile and hear it in our voice that we want to provide great service. To be a member of our All-Star team it is essential that you constantly convey this message to our customers.


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