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My wife and I are expecting a baby around the middle of June. Do I have to get her Mother’s Day gift? That must sound a little stone-headed. I guess it’s better to be safe than sorry, right? Well, I’m writing this to tell you that For the past four gift-giving occasions – her birthday, our anniversary, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day – I’ve given her flowers from your site, and I’m here to tell the tale. Flowers work. No matter how often you give them, she’s perpetually grateful and appreciative. So I guess I’ve answered my own question.(Gerald P., The Woodlands TX )

I couldn’t be there to give my sympathy in person, but I was able to be there in spirit thanks to the flowers that I sent from your site.(Lena G., Bucharest )

I heard from my sister this morning that the flowers I ordered were so wonderful. Thanks for providing me with enough choices that I could choose the flower arrangement that was the most appropriate for her. That’s really all I wanted to say, thank you.(Catherine G., Wichita Falls TX )

Thank you for the flowers that you delivered on Mother’s Day. They made it a very special one, not least because this year was my first!(Claire Jones, Nashville TN )

Your level of service is unparalleled, and the roses I ordered for my sweetheart were astounding!(Carlos Smith, El Paso TX )

I received flowers from the young couple next door when I returned from hospital. They were lovely and I’m told they were bought from your florist so thank you(Olivia J.T. Buckton, Detroit Michigan )

I would like to tell everyone who is thinking about ordering flowers from this website: GO RIGHT AHEAD! This is a reputable, wonderful, terrific, efficient, caring company that happens to send one of the most wonderful things that people can give one another (right up there with cake), flowers. I say, make this your only flower delivery company and you won’t have any problems.(Carmen N., Rome )

Being stationed in Iraq, I literally have no actual contact with my wife and my family. Because of your website, I had the ability to get flowers over to everyone there. It helps remind them of me and why I’m here. (Steve J., [Location withheld] )

My wife gave me the third degree about sending her flowers “just because.” Being a woman, she immediately suspected that I was having an affair. When I asked her why she would possibly suspect that, she answered that those flowers were 100 times nicer than anything else I’ve ever given her. So what’s up with that, people? You want to put a warning label on your website or something?(Carter N., Mansfield OH )

The first time I ever received roses, I was still in high school. It was exciting and frightening all at the same time to get them from a boy. You know, I still get that same little twinge when my husband brings or sends me flowers. Don’t take this the wrong way, but where he gets them from doesn’t matter much to me. All I appreciate is the fact that he gives them to me. If you’re the ones that are allowing this man – who I didn’t know was a romantic – to be able to make my breath go a little faster, than I say thank you. Don’t tell him I wrote this.(Becky M., Dover DE )

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